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Japanese Pop Karaoke Group!

Shuffleモニ。 - Karaoke group
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Welcome to the community of Shuffleモニ。!
The karaokegroup Shuffleモニ。 was created in March 2005 by Aya (ayari) and Feli (starsthatshine). Shuffleモニ。is a project created to cover Hello!Project songs as well as other Jpop artists!

We aren't pro's, so we do not ask for perfection, but Shuffleモニ。is fun and we enjoy singing.

This community is strictly for Shuffleモニ。Members to join. However, if you wish to support us and stay updated with our releases, feel free to add us to your friends list!

Shufflemoni is arranged into groups of when they joined, called 'generations'.

Feli - starsthatshine (1st Generation) (Leader)
Linda - chin_yu_808 (1st Generation)
Jyun - wowowparadise (1st Generation)
Xia - lullabyte (3rd Generation)
Mia - cherii_pai (3rd Generation) (Sub-Leader)
Asashi - sashipi (7th Generation)
Kang - jpop_princess (8th Generation)
Miyabi - ninjaaa_waffles (9th Generation)
Kimi - kimibuun (9th Generation)
Kristy - mysticwater (10th Generation)


The list below only shows the original release posts. All download links in the posts made before the Summer Shuffles of 2006 aren't working anymore. But go to the Discography post and you'll be able to download old (and new) projects.

(Info) 'Get Up! Rapper' - 27th March 2005
(Info) 'First Kiss' - 15th April 2005
(Info) 'Akai Freesia' - 15th April 2005
(Info) 'Last Kiss' - 15th April 2005
(Info) 'The Manpower!!!' - 25th April 2005
(Info) 'Sakura Mankai' - 8th May 2005
(Info) 'Hare Ame Nochi Suki' - 9th May 2005
(Info) 'Osaka Koi no Uta' - 22nd May 2005
(Info) 'Shall We Love?' - 29th May 2005
(Info) 'Chu! Natsu Party' - 29th May 2005
(Info) 'Sexy Night ~Wasurerarenai Kare~' - 29th May 2005
(Info) 'Renai Sentai Shitsu Ranger' - 29th May 2005
(Info) 'Do It! Now' - 16th June 2005
(Info) 'Love is Message' - 1st July 2005
(Info) 'New Paradise' - 1st July 2005
(Info) 'SUPER LOVER ~I need you tonight~' - 1st July 2005
(Info) 'Pieces' - 1st July 2005
(Info) 'Long Road' - 1st July 2005
(Info) 'Shabondama' - 10th July 2005
(Info) 'Shuffles 2005' - 23rd July 2005
(Info) 'Souda! We're ALIVE - AS FOR ONE DAY' - 4th August 2005
(Info) -------SOLO PROJECT------- - 18th August 2005
(Info) 'Rouman ~MY DEAR BOY~ - Iroppoi Jirettai' - 28th August 2005
(Info) 'w-inds Project 2' - 11th September 2005
(Info) 'Shiawase Desu ka? - Kowarenai Ai ga Hoshii no' - 27th September 2005
(Info) 'Melon Kinenbi Project' - 28th October 2005
(Info) 'Johnny's Entertainment Project!' - 17th November 2005
(Info) 'Koko ni Iruzee! - Hyokkori Hyoutanjima' - 20th December 2005
(Info) 'I Love World ~Sekaijuu no Shiawase o Utaou~' - 3rd January 2006
(Info) 'Chokkan 2 - Mr. Moonlight' - 19th March 2006
(Info) 'LOVE Machine - Sexy Boy ~soyo kaze ni yorisotte~' - 6th June 2006
(Info) 'Summer Shuffles 2006' - 7th July 2006
(Info) 'Ambitious!' - 4th September 2006
(Info) 'Autumn Project' - 20th December 2006
(Info) 'Christmas Project ~Happy New Year~' - 31st December 2006
(Info) 'Shuffleモニ。 Meets DBSK' - 17th April 2007
(Info) 'Egao YES Nude - Aruiteru' - 19th May 2007
(Info) 'Kanashimi Twilight' - 5th January 2008
(Info) 'Mikan - Onna ni Sachi Are' - 22nd February 2008

13th May 2005 - 'Crystal' (Info)
24th May 2005 - 'Shiki' (Info)
1st July 2005 - '100% Pure' (Info)
27th August 2005 - 'Special Love' (Info)
20th September 2005 - 'Hemisphere' (Info)
7th August 2005 - 'Kirei da' (Info)
12th October 2005 - 'Earthship ~Uchuusen Chikyuugou~' (Info)
1st November 2005 - 'Piriri to Yukou!' (Info)
21st September 2005 - 'Glamourous Sky' (Info)
12th November 2005 - 'Blurry Eyes' (Info)
6th January 2006 - 'Seishun Amigo' (Info)
4th February 2006 - 'Akai Nikkichou' (Info)


Links to other fan-mix groups:

Ongaku!Project - (H!P fanmixes)

Scarlet Kusari - (Jrock and Jpop ballad oriented)

Sekai no Melody - (Multilingual anime/J-music cover group)

Contact us if you want to be linked here!

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