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Japanese Pop Karaoke Group!
19th-May-2007 04:47 pm
Omg! - Yossi
Egao Yes Nude

  1. Egao Yes Nude - Lyrics
    (Jyun, Twissie, Xia, Linda, Mia)

  2. Aruiteru - Lyrics
    (Jyun, Xia, Twissie)

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\0/ This turned out so completely awesome! It was a joy to mix, despite taking a lot more time than usual due to us not pre-assigning lines this time around. So, how do you guys think this way of doing things worked out? There was no delay on the release and the result is stunning, don't you think?

I did my best, so I hope you guys are happy with it!
19th-May-2007 04:25 pm (UTC)
*o* Thank you~~~ This whole thing was such a learning process for me. It was really difficult picking out who should sing what! And at the same time keep in mind that everybody should have about the same amount of solo lines. Tricky indeed. Hopefully I managed to be pretty fair in my line distribution @_@;;

I'm so glad you commented on and liked the effects I added in on Aruiteru. It sounded really off without them so I just.. went for it. Glad it was a good decision XD; Also proof that my mixing is getting better. I didn't know how to do stuff like that a few months ago or so :P

I'm glad you had fun with recording! Hope it was like that for everyone who took part in this single. Having fun is the most important thing! ^___^
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