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Japanese Pop Karaoke Group!
5th-May-2007 09:43 am - Shufflemoni Auditions Open!

Hi Everyone!

We are very excited to announce that we are opening up audtitions for Shufflemoni again! This time around, we're doing things a little different, by setting 3 songs for you to choose from to record so please head over to http://hitorimoni.net/audition.html for auditions rules and deadlines!

Our Dateline is on the 18th of May! Please send in your entries early and have fun recording! Ganbatte Kudasai~! ♥

Shufflemoni Leader

p/s: Dear current members, please spread word around of our audition!! You can use the banner above to advertise! : D
17th-Apr-2007 09:45 am - NEW RELEASE
Adventure Time - Jake is ready for his c

I can't believe that this is actually our first release of 2007 D: Hopefully things will run more smoothly come our next project ;) Sorry for all the delays, guys!

Shuffleモニ。Meets DBSK

  1. Miss You
    (Xia, Linda, Mia, Twissie)

  2. Eternal
    (Jyun, Linda, Xia, Twissie)

  3. The Way U Are
    (Asashi, Twissie, Mia)

Download single
(right click and download, please)

As always, the discography page has been updated to reflect the release of this single. Guide people there if they are interested in any of our singles!

I quite enjoyed this project (apart from all the delays). I think we got good results, considering 5 members were unable to deliver their lines as planned. ... I hope I got the singers right for each of the songs. I got confused, so feel free to correct me if I made any mistakes with who is on which song xD;

Now. Comment with thoughts and feedback and make suggestions as to what our next project should be!
7th-Mar-2007 06:20 pm - Double Graduation
Disney - Rose (Beauty and the Beast)
I'm here to announce a double graduation! Emma and Stef have for various reasons both decided to leave the group.

I'm sad to see you guys go! I really am :/ Stef's situation in particular, because her reason for having to leave is really way out of her control. LJ has been blocked in China so she is no longer able to keep up with the community. She could see no other way than to graduate from the group. I hope I'm speaking for everyone when I say that even though you have to graduate now, feel free to keep in touch and perhaps you could jump in on a special project if you ever feel like it and have the possibility to do so? This goes for Emma as well ^_^

I wish you both the best, I hope Shufflemoni was a fun experience for you! Please keep on singing and spread the joy of karaoke to other people! Thanks for everything you've contributed with and hopefully we'll keep in touch :)
Adventure Time - Jake is ready for his c
Happy New Year everyone! ♥ I hope you all are doing well and that you are looking forward to taking on yet another exciting year.

Here is Shufflemoni's christmas project, enjoy!

  1. Kiyoshi no Yoru
    (Mia, Asashi, Feli)

  2. Christmas Night
    (Junie, Jyun, Kang, Linda, Stef, Tiffachu, Twissie, Xia)

  3. Download single
    (right click and download, please)

    Here's to yet another year of us being together and to us completing tons of great projects in 2007! ^_^V
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