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Japanese Pop Karaoke Group!
22nd-Feb-2008 12:26 pm - New release!

1. Mikan
(Jyun, Linda, Kimi, Kang, Xia, Mia)

2. Onna ni Sachi Are
(Asashi, Kang, Mia, Jyun, Linda, Kimi, Xia)

Mikan - [SS] // [MU]

Onna ni Sachi Are - [SS] // [MU]

I hope you enjoy this release!

* * *

First of all, I'm sorry for the late release. *bows* I just got Xia's lines yesterday, so I had to finish the project this morning.

All of you sound great here! I think the members have improved a lot.
(I'm still not satisfied with my mixing, though..the voices are kind of loud..? Haha. >_>)

* * *

Don't forget to comment here and tell me if you're planning to participate in the next project.

Do you already have ideas for our next project?
I have too many actually. XD

We could do KAT-TUN, NEWS (or JE in general), DBSK, Koda Kumi or whatever.. or we could just stick to H!P.
It's up to you! Please tell me what you think.

5th-Jan-2008 02:30 pm(no subject)

1. Kanashimi Twilight
(Kang, Xia, Jyun, Linda, Asashi, Kimi, Mia)

[SS] // [MU]

I think this turned out great (even though I still have to improve my mixing)!
I had some trouble, because two members didn't send in their lines.
I don't like this to happen anymore, so please tell me if you can't record BEFORE we start a project.

* * *

I have two questions regarding the next project:

1. Who is going to participate?
2. Do you prefer recording one or two songs? (more songs means more solo lines for everyone)
10th-Jun-2007 11:23 pm - announcements!
♥//maki goto
Hey everyone! how's everyone's summer? (and for some it's winter right?)

First of all, on behalf of Feli who is in China right now, I'd like to announce the "winners" of the 10th generation auditions that we held last month.

Welcome to the two newest additions to Shufflemoni, ninjaaa_waffles and kimibuun! This makes the grand total 11 members! How about a warm welcome to them =]

I'm 1st Gen, Linda! I hope you guys like it here <33 Feel free to make a little introduction comment and let us know a bit about you, and what you'd like to be called and anything else you might want to say ^^

Now that we've taken care of that bit of news, on to the next order of business. unfortunately, Shufflemoni will have to take a two week hiatus because Feli is in China for the rest of the month and as we all (should) know... China doesn't allow LJ =\. So here's a summer-y hiatus banner for you all!

So, see you next month!
19th-May-2007 04:47 pm - NEW RELEASE!
Omg! - Yossi
Egao Yes Nude

  1. Egao Yes Nude - Lyrics
    (Jyun, Twissie, Xia, Linda, Mia)

  2. Aruiteru - Lyrics
    (Jyun, Xia, Twissie)

Download single
(right click and download, please)

\0/ This turned out so completely awesome! It was a joy to mix, despite taking a lot more time than usual due to us not pre-assigning lines this time around. So, how do you guys think this way of doing things worked out? There was no delay on the release and the result is stunning, don't you think?

I did my best, so I hope you guys are happy with it!
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